I'm on air Saturdays from 6am to 10am, and Sundays from 6am to 12 noon!

I've lived in the Cap City for all of my life, aside from when I lived in my car in South Carolina for 3 Months; good times, been rocking the block for 7 years on WAJZ Jamz 96.3.

Now I am a happily married dude, with a 3 year old son who happens to be the center of my universe, he knows it too, So when I am not working one of my three jobs I am trying to read this 23 book series in my fantasy novel, I'm on book 5 and yes I can read!

I try to stay in shape, round is a shape, by doing Parkour, or freerunning whatever you choose to call it. I am a hip-hop enthusiast and I also love to rap, rap not rap battle, if you ask me to rap with you and you start insulting me 2 inches from my face like some world star hip hop video I will tell you I don't rap with amatuers and keep it moving. Aside from that I really like watching my son grow in front of my eyes. 






Cheese Cake, My wifey and son, rolling with Kiesha, Anything that can distract me from the worlds problems.



Polotics; whether local, state, federal, or office, rolling with Reggie, Change


 Favorite of Commonly used quotes

"Thats how I party"

"Thats the kind of s*** that makes my d*** soft"

"Happy wife is a Happy life"


On My Tombstone

"The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions" 


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