All this Great Pumpkin Weekend you’ll have a chance to reach into our Great Pumpkin and pull out a prize. It could be concert tickets, Free Food or even music downloads. To win just be caller 9 when you hear the Creeping Cue to Call all this Great Pumpkin Weekend on JAMZ 96.3!



The city is known for its dreamers, night life and vices and now you and a friend will have an opportunity to experience Sin City and all its secrets. It’s the JAMZ 96.3 JAMZ Jet-A-Ways stop number 2: The Chainsmokers at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas, November 26th. Listen all week for your chance to win a JAMZ Carry On Prize Bag and to qualify for the trip. The grand prize winner will be announced this Friday, October 28th at 4:40pm with Scott Pank. What happens in Vegas says in Vegas unless you post it on the gram. It’s the JAMZ Jet-A-Ways on JAMZ 96.3



#IAMJamz963 are you? Show us by using the #hashtag in your next social media post! You never know when or what you could win! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend #IAMJamz963!!!

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