The weather isn’t the only thing putting shivers down your spine this Ticket Terror Weekend on Jamz 96.3, Hip Hop and Hits! Are you ready to ride through the darkness in hopes of escaping the haunting?  When you hear the creeping cue, be caller 9 at 476-9696 to give us your most death dafina scream to win tickets to Jiminy Peak’s 13 Nights! As the moon raises the mountain will decent into the depths of its past of a haunted holdout where villagers from the plantation of Jericho lived in dread of disfiguring disease, deranged creatures and impending doom. Grab someone to hold onto this Ticket Terror Weekend because your chance to scream is coming up on Jamz 96.3.


It’s the beginning of another long school year filled with homework, exams, and lectures. And to help you get back into the routine, its Jamz 96.3’s Mac to School. Jamz wants to send you back to school with a brand new Mac Book Pro. Listen weekdays at 8:10 and 11:10am and 4:10 and 7:10pm be caller 9 to get qualified and on Friday’s at 4:50, Carmen will pick that week’s winner of a brand new Mac Book Pro. Qualifiers will instantly score a collector’s edition JAMZ Back to School back-Back loaded with all kinds of items for back to School including a one month membership to Vent Fitness and an Extra Value Meal from McDonalds…It’s Mac to School with Jamz 96.3!
Listen to Scott Pank all week for your chance to win tickets into Ulitmate Field Day - #Pinktober!

#IAMJamz963 are you? Show us by using the #hashtag in your next social media post! You never know when or what you could win! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend #IAMJamz963!!!

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